Vehicle insurance

Vehicle insurance , although an initial cost to the insured, can be a very profitable and real investment. With us you can secure your vehicle in different ways, and above all get all relevant information and advice from our expert team. We provide and successfully provide compulsory liability insurance for owners and authorized users of motor vehicles and trailers for damage to third parties ie. auto liability insurance.

Combined vehicle insurance  provides insurance for vehicles against partial, complete and supplementary casco risks, as well as the risk of damage to the vehicle as a whole or to the working devices on the vehicle.

The insurance of drivers and passengers against the consequences of an accident  provides compensation for drivers and passengers in the event of a traffic accident.


Osiguranje vozila

Vehicle insurance can not prevent damage to your car, but it can help eliminate the damage and restore the vehicle to its previous state. If you damage the vehicle of another person in the traffic, your liability is covered by the auto liability insurance policy, but if your vehicle is damaged – the solution is a comprehensive insurance.

Casco vehicle insurance is voluntary vehicle insurance and can include: full, partial and supplementary. Vehicle insurance covers the vehicle and its accessories from the following risks: traffic accidents, fire, floods, storms and theft. Casco insurance covers damage to the vehicle as well as complete destruction of the vehicle.

If you are a conscientious and responsible driver, do not take part in a car accident and have not reported damage to your insured vehicle, you are entitled to a bonus on your insurance premium. This means that your premium will be lower and lower each year.

The area of vehicle and passenger insurance can be confusing for our customers. For this reason, our team is always available to explain in detail all types and variants of insurance as well as to help our clients find the right solution that suits them best. With the Via car dealership, the insurance procedure becomes efficient and fast. Contact us and get started!

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