Fast and efficient to vehicle registration

Motor vehicles and trailers involved in road traffic must be registered. The owner of the vehicle (legal or natural person) has the right and obligation to register the vehicle used in traffic if it meets the prescribed conditions.

You can renew your registration at least 30 days before it expires. The date your registration is valid is the date that is written on your registration sticker.

If you do not renew your registration within 60 days of its expiry, the vehicle is automatically transferred to the passive register, which means that you will need to change the license plates and the traffic permit at registration.

Complete your vehicle registration

In order to register your vehicle, the first thing you need to do is have a vehicle technical inspection.

After completing the technical inspection and obtaining the registration certificate, the next step to your vehicle registration is to create a compulsory motor third party liability insurance policy. In our technical review, in addition to creating a policy, you can make the same payment as the mandatory fees without going to the post office or bank. When you make a payment, if it is a renewal of registration with us, you also get a registration sticker without going to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and waiting.

We offer you quality and fast registration without any effort on your part. Save your time and leave it to us to register.

As there are different types of vehicle registration we give you instructions and a list of necessary documentation for the most common:

Vehicle registration (first registration): traffic permit, invoice, gift contract, final decision on inheritance, final judgment on ownership determination; valid ID or foreigner ID card; travel document for foreigners with an approved stay in the Republic of Serbia for more than six months; decision from the “Agency for Business Registers” on entry in the business register – for legal entities; Customs documentation with proof of payment (for imported vehicles); Proof of payment of prescribed costs for vehicle registration.

Vehicle registration for individuals (registration extension): ID card, traffic permit, old registration policy.

Vehicle registration for legal entities: statement from APR, receipts from the bank on payments made, authorization on the memorandum for certification of traffic licenses.

Documentation required for vehicle registration


  • ID card
  • vehicle registration
  • Old insurance policy (if not first registration)



  • an extract from the APR of a leasing company
  • receipts from the bank on payments made
  • authorization on the memorandum for certification of the traffic permit
  • confirmation of the vehicle registration leasing company


  • excerpt from APR
  • receipts from the bank on payments which are made
  • authorization on the memorandum for certification of the traffic permit



  • an extract from the APR of a leasing company
  • an extract from the APR of the lessee
  • receipts from the bank on payments made
  • authorization on the memorandum
  • leasing contract
  • confirmation of the leasing company

Payment and additional information

 There are several ways to make a registration payment.

  1. Cash
  2. Payment cards
  3. By checks of citizens
  4. Intesa mastercard credit card up to 6 installments without interest
  5. Through an administrative ban up to 12 installments for employees and retirees

Required documents for registration through administrative prohibition:

– ID card

– Vehicle registration

– Prior policy (except for first registration)

– Certified decision on administrative ban in the accounting service (call us for more information)

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