Technical inspection

Technical inspection for all types of vehicles

Technical inspection is a procedure that every vehicle must undergo in order to become registered and usable in traffic. The AK VIA team of technicians provides this service at the highest level.

The roadworthiness test therefore determines whether the motor vehicle or the trailer is technically correct and meets the prescribed conditions and technical standards for road traffic.

In order to determine the technical characteristics, ie data on the vehicle, the technical documentation of the vehicle shall be inspected, ie appropriate measurements or visual inspection shall be performed without or with the use of appropriate tools, without significant disassembly of the vehicle.

At our technical inspection you can perform technical inspection:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Moped
  • Trailers
  • Working machines (tractors, combines)

On the basis of the technical inspection you get a registration sheet containing all the information about the vehicle and a general statement that the vehicle is correct.

A registration document is a required document that must be submitted when registering a vehicle.

After completing the technical inspection, you can complete your vehicle registration with us. See the VEHICLE REGISTRATION. section for more information.

 In addition to being legally required to inspect vehicles, it is important for you and for all other road users.

Tehnički pregled vozila

Tehnički pregled vozila

Technical inspection of vehicles can be regular, unscheduled and controlled and it is carried out according to the Law on Road Traffic Safety.

Regular technical inspection

According to the existing regulations, all vehicles must be regularly technically inspected once a year (when you need to make a renewal of registration). This inspection may be carried out at least 30 days before the expiration of the registration of the vehicle.

Regular technical inspection every 6 months needs to be done on:

  • motor vehicles and trailers, public buses,
  • buses,
  • vehicles and trailers for transport of dangerous goods,
  • motor vehicles and trailers used for training of drivers,
  • motor vehicles and trailers which have a maximum mass exceeding 3,500 kg
  • motor, or trailer for rent without a driver (rent-a-car).

Unscheduled technical inspection

Unscheduled technical inspection is carried out after repair or after damage made in a traffic accident. An unscheduled technical inspection may also be carried out at the driver request, to check if the vehicle is technically acceptable.

Controlled technical inspection

Controlled technical inspection shall be carried out at the request of an authorized person such as road traffic inspector, to check the technical correctness of the vehicle.

Only a vehicle in running order, or a vehicle which has not taken part in a traffic accident, may be referred to mechanical damage to devices and assemblies critical to the safe operation of the vehicle.

The cost of the roadworthiness test, in the event that the roadworthiness test shows that the vehicle is defective, shall be borne by the vehicle owner or user of the vehicle, and in the case where the roadworthiness test shows that the vehicle is correct, the authority whose official ordered the roadworthiness test.

Tehnički pregled vozila

Tehnički pregled vozila

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